Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick. Quick? Quick!

Hey everyone! I apologize in advance for the fact that it's been two weeks since I last posted something on here. I've been in extrremely poor health for about a week and a half, and haven't really been able to think of good topics other than everything in my body hurts. And nobody wants to read about that.
Well, it doesn't anymore. Thank God.
Anyways, back to my blog entry. Hi. Hello.
The upcoming school year is fast approaching, and I'll have to endure some quick ice breakers, all of which require me to think on my feet something interesting about myself. So, to save myself some time, and to actually think of something good, because I really suck at thinking on my feet, I decided to write down a few interesting things about myself. Maybe then, people would find me interesting..
  1. This summer, I learned how to drive, and went to Boston. 
  2. My favorite singer changes daily. 
  3. This summer, I learned that I probably won't get my license for a long time, because I suck at driving. Also, I learned that you only live once, and you can never predict what's going to happen to you, because every day could truly be your last.
  4. I know every lryic of the Fraiser theme song. 
  5. I love cupcakes more than anything. 
  6. I read ten books this summer. 
  7. I'm thinking of changing my major.
  8. I'm really bad at technology. 
  9. I've never been to a concert. 
  10. I just got my first libary card yesterday.
  11. I had a bunch of really awesome facts about myself in my mind, but by the time I sat down to actually write them, I already forgot them. 
  12. I'm both pysched, and freaked about college. 
  13. I love historical ficition. 
  14. I have five bottles of purple nail polish. Maybe more. 
 So..yeah, I'm not that exciting. Oh well..

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