Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jump, Damnit, Jump.

There's this Madonna song, called Jump. For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Madonna fan, and am currently trying to collect all of her CDs. (I'm up to four-WOOT, only nine more to go) One of my favorite songs by her is this song from her album Confessions on a Dance Floor, called, as you guessed it Jump. It's about taking risks, and chances.
Well, lately, that's been the theme of my life. Taking chances.
Often, I feared about taking chances. I fear often about them blowing up in my face. But also, I got to thinking. If I don't take the chances, I would sit wondering what my life would be like if I did. Sometimes, it hurts more not doing something, then pulling the trigger and doing something about it. Sometimes, someone would catch you. Sometimes there won't be. Either way, you can get up, and you can move on into the future, whatever that may mean.
There is also an Ugly Betty episode titled with that same name; the one where Betty takes a personal risk when deciding to marry Henry or go to Rome with Italy. Her idol, Clare Meade tells her that she needs to take more risks, so she does, and travels the country to find herself. (great, I just ruined the ending)
But the point is, she decided to jump. She didn't know what she was going to face, or what was in front of her; she just did it.
And that's what I need to do.
I need to Jump, dammit.
We all sometimes need to, even though we may not know what's in front of us, or what we will face. We just never know what to expect. Unless, we have some kind of crystal ball.
Are you ready to jump?
I am.

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