Friday, August 3, 2012

Everyone Makes Mistakes.

We all make mistakes. We all are imperfect human beings, with flaws, and cracks in our mirrors. We use foundation to cover up the things that we don't like about ourselves-pimples, lines, and freckles to make a perfect complexion that makes us look pretty on the outside. We all strive to be perfect, when really no one isn't completely perfect. There is some sort of flaw, that doesn't always mean that people are not good enough, it makes them real. All that glitters isn't gold. Sometimes, a few cracks in the reflection shows that there is real beauty.
What is the cracks, exactly? The mistakes that one made. The past. They are the dirt that lies underneath, preventing one from being completely perfect.
But, then. No one is perfect. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes. We all have little quirks that make one imperfect. Mine are that I eat too much chocolate, I cry easily, read a lot of books, read magazines backwards, and I have obessions with music and jewelry.
But that's just me.
Those are the things that make me, well me.
Maybe imperfections are the things that make us, well us. It's our character, it's the individual things that make us unique.
And everyone knows it's okay to be different. 

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