Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gaping Thighs?

Lately, a common trend on social networking sites is a thigh gap. A thigh gap is when a young woman stands with her feet together and measures the gap between her thighs whether or not they touch. (pictured below)
Women have been going to extreme measures to get this look, whether in extreme fad dieting, and extreme exercise routines. And when extreme dieting and extreme exercising is involved then usually it isn't exactly
the safest or the healthiest thing in the world to do to your body. Your body needs nutrients to make it grow healthy. And why are we doing this? To reach perfection. 
The war with women and the pressures to be perfect is old news. Fueled by unrealistic standards by celebraties and the media in addition to the rise of the usage of  Photoshop, women just want to be perfect like them.   However, they do not realize that often these women are like us with blemishes and imperfections, and what not. They just have little computer geeks around to make them look as perfect as they want to be. Due to this, a girl who sees that realizes that being perfect is being a size zero, and if she's not those things, then she's not good enough. This amount of pressure could ruin a girl's self esteem, because she doesn't think that she's beautiful. In reality, she IS beautiful. 
Not everyone is meant to be a size zero. Not everyone is meant to look the same. My thighs don't touch, however, I'm an avid runner who runs six days a week. However, that is normal. Having a thigh gap or not isn't exactly the healthiest thing in the world. I know that I'm healthy, and although I have days when I feel like I'm not worthy of being loved and such, I know that I'm good and pretty enough. Being healthy, and feeding my body what it needs to grow and not get sick is perhaps the most important thing to me. 
Overall, strive to be healthy, not perfect. Love yourself, and treat yourself. That's all that matters.


  1. I love your's really cute and relatable. Weight issues is every persons problem, but accepting and loving yourself is what matters the most. Keep the post up.
    Francine @