Friday, August 9, 2013

The Bigger Person

Sometimes we get into arguments with people that we care about. Sometimes, things are said that you wish that they weren't. Both parties get hurt, chaos ensues, and then people cry. These are the ingredients for an argument.
Then, we are faced with the biggest problem ever. How do we fix things? Do we even want to fix them? The question is answered with one simple answer: be the bigger person. No matter who is at fault, and who did what it doesn't matter. What matters is becoming the bigger person and owning up to what you did. Why? Life is too short to be blackened by arguments and unhappiness. People need to be at peace with each other, I believe.
I want to be the bigger person in my friendships and relationships. I really don't want to hate people, and to have disputes with them. We all get mad at the other, and we all do things. We're human, we're not perfect. However, with that being said, we often have to forgive the other for what they did. That is perhaps the hardest thing. Forgiving and forgetting is a concept that we perhaps try to avoid, and we cling onto that like a lifeboat. Sometimes, it's hard for me. I don't always have the answers, and I certainly don't have the words. I'm sorry? Well that's a start. Sometimes, it's easier to write the words down, because when I have to confront something sitting in front of the person, I often find myself coming short of the words to say what I really mean to say. However, I'm getting better. Sometimes, it just takes me time to let me cool off, because starting this while angry could lead to something bigger than the previous problem presented.
Being the bigger person in life doesn't always work out. However, I will try to, because Jesus and God (it's the first example I could think of) tells us to forgive. And I believe that they are right, because why should we go through life hating each other? Peace and love and all that good stuff. Sometimes, being the bigger person could do good. Sometimes it can't.

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