Friday, August 23, 2013

Tips For Incoming College Freshmen.

So, it has began. Colleges all over the country are opening their doors for their incoming freshmen. Last year, I was a freshman like you people reading this lovely blog entry. However, here's some advice that I want to share with you all that I'm fairly certain that isn't mentioned in orientation.
1. Lanyards/ID Holders are your best friend. One of the best things that are available is lanyards (seen below) I don't know why, honestly. It's convenient to have all of my keys in one sole place. Plus, since it comes in several pretty colors, so it can be personalized for taste. I personally like it because it makes it easy to transfer from my backpack, to my purse, and even can be carried on its own. Also, it's also handy to not dig for your ID.
2. If you're a commuter like me, be sure to arrive on campus at least an half an hour earlier than you need to be on campus. Why? Parking lots tend to fill up rather quickly, and professors are not quite so nice when you say that you couldn't find parking causing you to be late for class, or not even show up at all.
3. Be sure to have lots of snacks in your dorm, because the dining hall tends to close. Some of my favorite late night snacks include Nutella, Wheat Thins, some kind of ceral, and I've heard Ramen is a big thing on college campuses. Nutella is my all time favorite snack of all time. 

4. Individualize your dorm. Although I don't have the experience of having a dorm, I've heard that doing so it makes it more and more homelike. 
5. Having pictures around is also helpful. I made one of my best friends in the entire world a collage of my best friend and I's relationship. That was you have a slice of home, even when you're not exactly near home.
6. Be sure to not put too much on your plate. Meaning, that there's 24 hours a day. School takes time. Plus, food is also important.
7. Have fun :) After all, you only college once.


  1. 'you only college once' --- I like that!

  2. Coming from a resident student ramen is a life saver because its quick simple and saves you late or night or when you have to much work to walk to the dinning hall.


  3. Awww Gabriel, I'm your google picture! :D And thanks Emma! I tried to get some stuff that applied to both commuter and residents, but lacked the whole resident thing because I'm not one haha.