Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Self Love.

        This week I’m devoting to talking about loving, respecting, and accepting oneself. I believe that self love is an important topic, because if you don’t love yourself then how could you expect to let others love you? Chances are then you can have problems. So, this week, I’m devoting to talking about these important (at least to me) topics.
                I have had issues with self love for a while. For a while, I often thought that I wasn’t good enough to be worthy of love and acceptance. I, of course, was wrong. I thought I was ugly. Although I was assured otherwise by friends and family, it took a while for me to love what was in front of me. I still have issues with my looks, and wondering whether or not I’m worthy of happiness.
                However, I realized that I was wrong. I am beautiful, and I am worthy of feeling happy. Sometimes, I think that society puts an extreme pressure on you to be perfect. We are expected to be thin, to be smart, to be put together. News flash: not everyone is those things. And when you’re not, and you’re sitting on the sidelines watching it happen to some people you can’t help but feel awful to ourselves. But take a look closer to those people that we idolize, those people who cause us to be visited by the green eyed monster. They have problems too. And chances are, if they are famous, then they have special people to make sure that they are beautiful, thin, and always put together. They have hairstylists that make sure that their hair is perfect. Also, sometimes a little program called Photoshop may have something to do with their perfect magazine cover.
                Another instance of uneasiness is comparing oneself to friends. Some friends are skinnier than us. Some friends have the things that we wish that we have, and we can’t help but feel like we’re not good enough because they have the things that we wished that we had. We compare ourselves to them. It’s a natural part of human nature.
                There’s a couple of reasons one can do to attack these sorts of feelings. One can look at the mirror and say that “I’m Beautiful”, and a bunch of other nice things about yourself. Another thing that we can do is also take in account that the people that we are jealous of have problems of their own. You know that famous person with the pretty hair? Yeah, they have people following them around to take their picture. Just by knowing that the grass isn’t greener on the other side is only an upside to when we are feeling down about ourselves.

                To all who are reading this, please know that you are perfect in every way. Why? Because you are you. And that IS good enough. 

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