Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2 Parties, Ugly Sweaters, and Holiday Fun

The ugly sweater has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon, and this year I finally got a chance to rock an ugly sweater of my own. Gabriel invited me to an ugly sweater party hosted by their mom's friend. So after going shopping in my grandma's wardrobe, Gabriel and I were headed to two different parties. The first was at Gabriel's (and mine occasionally, as I go there whenever I can) church, which was a choir party.  That party was pretty fun, and I got to talk to some cool people. The second was the ugly sweater party, which had amazing food, and some good people to talk to.
Going from party to party was tiring, however, it was great fun! I've never really had the chance to go to a holiday party, so it was pretty fun.
Overall, it was a fun little way to spend the Saturday evening. It was fun to spend some time with Gabriel, and although the sweater was a bit itchy, it was fun to wear.

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