Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas will be here in three days, however, that doesn't mean that everyone's shopping is complete. With finals, and all else going on, college students such as myself often put Christmas shopping to the bottom of the to-do list. But now that it's almost here, one can begin to panic about the amount of gifts that you have to get. However, with these simple ideas, I can assure the procrastinators out there that you too can find the perfect gift.

  1. Gift Cards: Everyone can use a gift card. Luckily, nowadays grocery stores often have them, so it's a one stop shop. And there's some pretty good ones--you can choose anywhere from Starbucks to iTunes. It's the easiest gift that you can get anybody. 
  2. Candy: There's so many holiday themed chocolate gift baskets, and since mostly everyone you know likes chocolate, you can never go wrong. 
  3. Jewelry: For your mom or best friend, picking up a simple little bauble will be sure to add some sparkle in her life. Plus, you can get some great jewelry at TJ Maxx, with some low prices. 
  4. Power banks: Nearly everyone has run out of battery at one point or another. It's the perfect gift for pretty much everyone with a smartphone. Or a tablet.
  5. Gift Books/CDs: Barnes and Noble has a great selection of gift books for the readers on your list, and a huge variety. If they love music, why not treat them a gift to their favorite band? Either or, and you'll be golden. 
Hopefully these will be perfect for anyone whose entering Santa's Toyshop a bit late this year. 

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