Monday, December 14, 2015

Friday Night...At the Bookstore

Cupcakes, Star Wars, and impulse buys added up to be an awesome Friday night last week. After not hanging out for several months, we decided to finally get together and explore the shopping that was offered in North Haven, such as Barnes and Noble, Ulta and Target.
Elisia and I.
The first stop was Ulta, where I bought lipsticks and some BB cream, and she bought some eye makeup. After that, we went to Target, where I found a Snoopy watch and some other little presents for friends. Elisia found a Star Wars T-Shirt that she fell in love with and purchased.
After Target, we headed to Barnes and Noble, where we wandered around aimlessly at Barnes and Noble, since we're both bookworms and love to read. I got the book "Wicked," with an awesome coupon that I got online. After that, we decided to head to the cafe where they had the most amazing desserts. Elisia and I both got cupcakes, and a drink. We hung out there for a while and headed home.

Overall, it was a great Friday night, because it's not everyday that you get to go out and treat yourself. It's also not everyday you get to enjoy the company of good friends, especially when you're a busy college student, so you enjoy it while you can.

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