Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Purchases


This past weekend, I shopped until I dropped! From online to in person, I was able to cross many gifts off of my list, as well as being able to treat myself to a few things. It is the season for giving, right?
I started my shopping on Thursday, where I purchased "Finding Audrey" from Barnes and Noble, as well as a new bookmark. While the book itself wasn't on sale, I was able to save 30% off, making the book only $9. Not bad. I also purchased a few things on my mom's end with her Kohl's charge (she doesn't know much about how to use
On Black Friday, I went to Jo Ann fabrics to purchase some beads. I also had a lot of coupons, in addition to all of the beads were 60 percent off. I was able to get strings of beads, normally over $4 for about $1.97. What a deal! The next day I went back and purchased more beads to make more projects. The end result of those beads were to make two bracelets as a Christmas present for my mom, as well as two for myself. In total, I spent about $20 and got four bracelets.
The biggest deals however were for Cyber Monday. I bought my mom Bath and Body Works lotion, body spray, and soap for about $30. Barnes and Noble had a great deal as well--I got 25 percent off of one item AND Y/A books were two for $15. I bought four.
Overall, I saved a lot of money getting things for myself and my mom. However, I didn't get all of my gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I got a majority of them at TJ Maxx and through Amazon earlier on because I had a gift card from trading in old electronics.
Did you get any Black Friday deals? Let me know in the comments below.

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