Monday, December 21, 2015

Cookie and Pizza Making Event At Luther House

Last week, Gabriel's mom's college congregation, Luther House, held a finals break event which consisted of pizza making and cookie making. Sounds fun, right? Well, what really sold me was that it would be the first time I would see Gabriel since they came back from Spain. (No offense, Kari--that was the cherry on top!)
(L to R) Gabriel, Me, Kari
Since Kari (Gabriel's mom) was my ride, I got there a bit early. I used this time to catch up with Gabriel, and Skype with their boyfriend Manuel. (Which in turn we became Snapchat best friends) The event began where we made our own pizzas on Pillsbury dough that normally one would use to make biscuits. Since I'm lactose intolerant, I had lots of veggies and sauce on my pizza. Gabriel had lots of cheese on theirs. While the pizza was baking, we decided to decorate cookies, which were delicious. Once the pizza was eaten, we began singing Christmas carols. After a while, I noticed that Gabriel was getting a bit sleepy (they were jet lagged), so I treated them to a cup of coffee.
Gabriel and I
Overall, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday night. The Luther House community is a great way to meet some new pals, and of course bond with the current ones. And of course, pizza and cookies are always fun and tasty additions to your day.
(L to R) Gabriel, Me, Kari

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