Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good or Not Good?

I hate it when people think that someone is too good for them, relationship wise. Why? Because it puts the other person on a pedastal, therefore giving them the upper hand, the most control. That way, they are the ones who control what you guys do, and you are in this constant cycle to please them. I understand that you hate yourself for whatever reason, however, that doesn't make them too good for you.
I believe that no one is better then another. Everyone on this planet came into this world with the same thing; nothing. Everyone in this planet will leave this world with the same thing; nothing. We are all the same, despite different outer images. We are build the same, made up of flesh and bone, and have a beating heart. We all have the capacity to love, and the gentle nature to be kind to human kind. We are not perfect, because perfection is simliar to being a robot. If someone  expects you to be perfect or to be something that you're not, remember that you're only built to be you. No one else.

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