Sunday, January 20, 2013

Relationship? Relationships.

Relationships are something that is important to feel an important connection in relationships. For two years, I've been wondering what the perfect relationship is, and have the desire to get it for myself. Call it selfishness, I call it loneliness. However, I have realized that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Relationships are not perfect, they are perfect for you. And to find the perfect one, sometimes, you have to travel with bumps in the road to find the one that has the smoothest sailing. In the bumps in the road, you find out what you don't want. Sometimes, you discover things, things that make you realize what makes you in an adult relationship that's healthy.
A healthy relationship in my opinion consists of many things. They have their own lives, other priorities, and other things to do then constantly be together. And when they do get together, they do things because they want to. It's not an addiction, or an obsession, it's a choice to hang out. The choice being that you actually WANT to. Another thing about a healthy relationship is that they let you complete your dreams, without making you feel guilty, and offering you complete and total support. An example of this is when you or your significant other wants to go to a school that's not near the other. Instead of changing their mind, or your mind even, you should follow your dreams, because if you really love someone, you wouldn't want that for them. You'd want them to go to the place where they would be happy, where they can become the person that they want to be.
I also realized how different I am then two years ago. I've grown more in the fields of academics, spending more time studying, and more time reading. I have the world's best friends, ever. Two years ago, I thought a relationship was about spending a lot of time together, and holding hands in a hallways. Now, I think it's about loving the person, despite their flaws, and helping them blossom to the person that they want to be, with all of your support.


  1. HEY! This is good stuff. I like that you've grown in your views of relationships and the like--- :)