Monday, January 28, 2013

People are Like Trees.

Life is like a tree. Sometimes, we are bare, and naked, without leaves, waiting for new beginnings, as a tree is in winter. Other times, we are like summer, enjoying life, and having people enjoy our potential beauty. And other times, we are like fall, ready to rid of our past, and old ways, spread lovely things that make most of us sneeze for a few weeks.
Not one human remains the same throughout the course of his or her life time. In the physical sense, meaning that no one looks the same when they enter this world, to when it's time for their demise. We also grow mentally, from when we are a child, and read those little books, to adulthood, when we are able to follow the newspaper, and stuff.
The biggest change that we experience through out life is maturity, and personality. Through experiences, and life changes, we tend to change personality. For example, as a teenager begins to mature, they tend to shy away from binge drinking, and begin to drink sparingly, because they begin to realize what drinking can do to oneself, and their bodies. Not the best example, but whatever.
Sometimes, changes in the personality, can change relationships, whether with friendships or significant others. The main thing here, is that people grow. It makes me sad that some of the people that I used to be so close with are no longer close with me. However, it does make me more grateful for the people that I do have to hang out with, such as the people who I communicate with and see on a daily basis. (you know who you are..) Sometimes, in the friendships that were terminated in the past, we often regret to see that the people that we once were so close to turn into complete strangers. In other cases, there are some relationships in our lives that are just toxic. We later in life realize that.
People are like trees. They grow. They change. And sometimes, people try to hurt you, to keep you from that change.

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