Friday, January 4, 2013

Underneath it All.

I've spent most of my winter holidays reading the Bill Clinton autobiography. Why? Because I believe that Bill is one of the better presidents in recent history, and plus it looked good. (And I can now say I've read a thousand paged book, take that!)
Anyways, reading an autobiography got me thinking.Often we judge people based on their actions. More often then not; we don't question the reasoning behind our actions.  We just think that if they do a bad thing that they are a jerk, and if they do a good thing, then they are a good person. Sometimes, they could be forced to do things, internally or externally.
What I like about autobiographies is that they allow you to put your input on certain subjects and issues, good and bad. It helps you tell your story, the way you perceived the situations that you were in, and for the public to at last relate to what you've been through. It shows you; underneath it all.
My insight for the day? Read an autobiography.

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