Friday, January 11, 2013

Models. In roles.

Lately, I've been thinking about positive role models that are out there. And it bothers me because there are not too many out there. After all, the people who we look up to are the people that inspire us to do the most, to make the most changes in the world. So, I've composed a list of the people who I look up to the most. My list ranges from rock stars, to fictional television characters, to politicans. So without further a due, here's the women and men that I look up to, who inspire me to be different, to make a change, and to be able to take chances.
  1. My top inspiration comes from my mother. I look up to my mom because she's one of the stronger people that have a large role in my life. She taught me independence, she taught me how to grow and how to move on. She's been through it a lot, and although she annoys the living crap of me; I can't help but admire and respect her for what she does. 
  2. The woman that I get the most inspiration from is from my television show of all time, Miss Lorelai Gilmore. Lorelai is a single mother who got pregnant when she was in her teenage years, and has been on her own since then. Lorelai is outspoken, and always knows what she wants, and does what she can to get it. I always ask myself in situations 'what would Lorelai do?' and in those cases, I would do it. I plan in fact to name my kid after her, just because she's so awesome. 
  3. I respect Hillary Rodham Clinton for many reasons. She's extremely well educated, and does her own thing. She's a lawyer, and she worked her butt off for it. Plus, when she met Bill, she just went up to him and asked him out because he was staring at her. Like a lot. (I read Bill's autobiography over my winter break..nerd status, holla!) Hillary is just one classy lady, with brains, what's better than that? I think not much else. She's my inspiration to get my PhD, because smart women are in fact sexy, you'll see.
  4. Madonna and Christina Aguilera are my two musical inspirations. I love their music because not only it's different then all of the rest, but it's inspirational. Songs like Vogue, Vanity, Beautiful and Prima Madonna are songs that are great to make one feel good about themselves, but it's sets them apart from the cookie cutter pop music that is out there. They make trends, not follow them.

The women on this list not only help me in times in crisis, but to prepare me in my future, a little part of each of them always inside me to help me become the person I one day want to be.

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