Thursday, January 17, 2013


You've got mail.
 Message sent.
Message recieved.
Red light.
Green light. 
These are all examples of messages that we come across in life. Sometimes they are clear, in big bold letters, other times, they are hidden, less obvious to the world around us.Sometimes, these messages are even unclear, like hidden treasures, sometimes meant to be never uncovered, or discovered, their meaning a forever mystery.
I think in life, we live in a world of messages. Not just the text messages that our phones send, or the emails that we send to each other on a daily basis, but the messages that we don't think about sending. For an example, a kid likes a girl, and the girl, thinking he's just being a friendly, will act the same way, without realizing the message that she is currently sending is that she likes him. Another message, one of my favorites, is the relationship when you can send messages without spoken, like one gaze, and bam you know what's going on in the person's head. I tried that before, and failed epically. The last kind of message to be received is the one sent by doing nothing. I believe that by doing nothing, sometimes sends the best kind of message, because a; you're not wasting any of your time with the situation that could possibly hurt you, and b: eventually, that person gets the message. Doing nothing is something.
Of course, we also have hidden messages, the messages that are being conveyed in nontraditional ways and formats, such as through songs, poems and stories. This is the feeling you get when you listen to a song, and automatically think, I know who this is about. Plus, you know you feel good when you do in fact know who it's about.
Message sent.

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