Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Albums of the Year

2014 was a great year of music in my opinion. Between Taylor Swift to The Pretty Reckless, it was swarming with new releases. Here's my favorites from this year.

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey 
Of course, the queen gets the top spot. Ultraviolence came out in June, yet it's still on repeat. Lana is amazing with her dark music that sounds so smooth that you're constantly wanting more. My faves are 'Cruel World', 'Ultraviolence', and "West Coast', yet the entire album is amazing in itself. I love Lana, and this album.
Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless 
The Pretty Reckless is one of my favorite modern bands. "Going to Hell" didn't disappoint. I'm a huge fan of rock, and Taylor Momsen is a brilliant singer. "Heaven Knows" has quickly become my anthem through out the year, and the music video is simply brilliant. "Follow Me Down", "Going to Hell", "Heaven Knows", "Absolution", "Sweet Things", and "Why'd You Bring A Shotgun to the Party" are some of my favorites. If you like it, also check out their debut "Light Me Up". It's amazing.
1989 by Taylor Swift 
Taylor Swift is amazing. 1989 was simply epic. Since it has an eighties tone to it, I fell in love with it. Her creativeness showed in "Out of the Woods", and the music video "Blank Space" was really well done. All of the songs are classics but my faves are "Welcome to New York", "Blank Space", "Style", Out of the Woods", "Shake it Off", and "Bad Blood." If you haven't listened to at least one of these songs before, then you've simply been living under a rock. Go listen to them now.
Classics by She & Him
At the time of writing this, the album didn't come out. However, I am such a huge fan of this charming duo that I'm going to have so much faith that it's amazing. In the mean time, check out 'Stars Fall On Alabama" and 'Stay Awhile". Zooey's voice is amazing and I'm so excited about this release.


  1. So glad my girl T-Swift is on there. That album is seriously awesome (and your favorite songs are mine, too!)

  2. I loved 1989. I've not been as in love with Taylor Swift as everyone around me seems to be... but I actually loved this album. <3

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe