Friday, December 12, 2014

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do...When You're Not Together

Ever have this happen to you? You know a fling where you're going out on dates with someone, and you're clearly in like with them. However, your relationship status still remains to be single. Have that happen to you? Well, it's happened to me a few times and to be quite blunt it's not exactly the most fun thing in the world.
Breaking up isn't reserved for couples anymore. There are more than one way to define the relationship other than 'single' and 'in a relationship.' There's friends who have sexual relations, friends who are flirty and may go somewhere, and there's friends who were our former love interests. There's the guys that you go out on dates with however nothing happens. There are so many different kinds of relationships that do not meet the criteria of the standards on Facebook. Then, there's the obvious kind of relationships where a couple is sickening with love.
Breakups are hard to do when people are in those relationships with no definition. In the past year, I've experienced something along those lines. The steps are all of the same because there is some kind of dissolution of a relationship. You need to listen to confidence building music, (hello Beyonce), and then you need to eat tons of chocolate. Those are the prescriptions that need to be written for a breakup. Then, comes the time when you have to delete that person from your life. Take down the pictures from Facebook, and delete their name from your phone. You gotta do what you gotta do.
The way that modern day love and relationships work is that we are trained to go slow to the point where something may not end up happening. Some people are not meant to be together, that's a fact. Love is something that is similar in that.
But get back in the game, tiger. Make me proud. Just because that bum broke your heart doesn't mean that there's a shortage of other guys. 

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