Monday, December 29, 2014

The Grand Illusion

Once upon a princess becomes a damsel in distress. Or she's just your average celebrity starring in a romanic comedy of some sort. Either way, there's something about the stories that many are leaving out. And that is...well any sense of reality.
The thing with stories and fairy tales is that they heighten our expectations. They heighten our expectations in relationships, in life, and in the whole spectrum of everything. Because of them we believe in grand romantic gestures, and having the guy do things that are well grand. Well, newsflash honey. Nora Ephron and John Hughes didn't direct your life.
Now that we've got that straight, we realize that these movies often do one thing. That is, my friends, put pressure on our relationships. This makes us want the whole monologue from our significant others, or potential ones. And when we don't get them, we question what is going on. Why isn't he telling me that I'm the only like Mr. Big?
It's cause it's a movie.
One of the things about modern day relationships is that there's so much comparison. That is the problem. We compare ourselves to the many movies that we've seen in our lifetime. We compare ourselves to our many friends on social media, such as when someone professes their love in a Facebook status or in a thousand couples selfies. It's cute at first, but honestly it's annoying. We then examine our relationships because then we realize something. They are not the same like those on the silver screen.
And that's okay.
As Styx would say "It's a grand illusion, because deep inside we're all the same." I believe those lyrics are true because each and every relationship is the same at the end of the day. Each relationship is built on love and with trust on the side. We often get lost in the glitz and the glamor of the Facebook likes, and the Insta selfies.
Instead of looking at the things to compare our lives to, let us instead worry about the way that things are. Relationships, are awesome and complicated enough as it is. Let's stop comparing them to other things, and realize that what we have in front of us is pretty damn good. 

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