Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Society and the Single Girl-What Do You Want?

As a single girl, I do a lot of complaining. I complain when I can't find a guy. I complain when I find a guy and there is some sort of fault with him, such as him being too creepy. Then I complain when I meet a nice guy and there's no spark. I even complain when there's a guy that there is a spark with. My question is, what do I want? Or, what can I do to not complain anymore.
I have a friend. For privacy's sake let's call her Jane Doe. Jane is single like me and it doesn't help that we both are awkward. Jane met a guy named Tom. Tom asked her something creepy which I will not name here and now she's doubting everything about the relationship. The bottom line, we complain when we're single and we complain when we're not single. 
I question how much we know what we actually want in life. We need a compass, because we are extremely lost in this life. For those who have said for those who have wandered are not lost truly meant it. We don't know what we want. In careers, in relationships, and in general. However, with that being said, there's something that I want to know. 
Do we complain because we don't know what we want? And for that matter, do we even know what we want? Is this why women are getting married later and later in life? Get the secure career first, then the white picket fence. 
I wonder what if I will ever know what I want. And most importantly, I will wonder whether or not I will actually get what I want. 
The Smiths said "Please please please let me let me get what I want." But, what if you don't know what you want? Is it that simple?

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  1. This is an interesting post. I used to think a little like this i was once this person. I genuinly believe it is about not knowing who you are. I feel that many think they 'need' others to be happy but that is very untrue. Happiness comes from within that includes finding yourself as a person and discovering who you are. Now i know who i am and what i want, i do not have this mentality it is all about being realistic though also. People need to understand life is not a fairytale. Good and bad happens but and those are blessings.