Monday, December 22, 2014

Jess Day's Pretty Rad Folk Band

How many of you like Zooey Deschanel? How many of you know that she sings? Well, she is in a lovely little band called She & Him. And before you say 'Actresses who sing as well as act aren't that great', hear me out.
She and Him is one of my favorite bands of all time. Recently, they've released an album called 'Classics'. However, they have three additional albums. They are called Volume One, Two, and Three. They also have a Christmas album as well, but I really don't have any songs from it, and have listened to it. Their music is excellent. It reminds me of songs from the sixties, and Zooey's voice reminds me of Karen Carpentar's. Her more recent stuff really has showed off how talented she really is.
Overall, if you're into folk or looking for a great band to listen to, She and Him is right for you.
Volume One: Sentimental Heart, Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, This Is Not A Test, I Was Made For You
Volume Two: In The Sun, Ridin' In My Car, Going to Get Along Without You Now, I'm Going to Make It Better,  Brand New Shoes
Volume Three: I've Got Your Number Son, Baby, I Could've Been Your Girl, Somebody Sweet To Talk To,  Sunday Girl
Classics: Stars Fall On Alabama, Stay Awhile, Time After Time, Unchained Melody

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