Friday, December 26, 2014

Sunny With a Side of Doubt

Doubt is something that each and every one of us is encontered with having. If you are like me then you doubt everything. You doubt your relationships, you doubt your life choices, and you doubt whether you should have said that thing to that person. Sometimes, we just have to a hot side of doubt to go along with the normal pressures of life.
The question here is why do we doubt things? We constantly encounter people that will often, for lack of better term, rain on our parade. They will put ideas in our heads, and tell you that you are not good enought to do whatever it is that you want to do. If you have a relationship issue, the sure statistic can be a pessimistic outlook. Like the statistic that long distance relationships don't work. I saw this in the Carrie Diaries recently, where Carrie and Sebastian deal with long distance relationship issues. Samantha and Larissa try to burst her bubble. Carrie brushes them off, but once Sebastian begins to engage in not being able to talk then the doubt takes over.
People like to be real with you, even if your head is in the clouds. Give that to an optimist who then wants nothing more than to become the exception. There are exceptions, but there are also things out there that once planted in your head can grow out to a huge tree. Doubt can start out as a side dish but soon become the main course. 
The best solution of doubt is to first mute all of the voices in your head that tell you otherwise. It is hard to do because people like to talk and have their voices heard. However, sometimes you need to forgo the hates. Taylor Swift said it best "haters gonna hate hate hate." 
For all of you have something to doubt, first let me ask you if the doubt is reasonable. If you're doubting your relationship then wonder if you are basing it on your insecurity or past experiences. If you are doubting your competitence of a career than ask yourself why. Did someone tell you that because you did something wrong, or were they jealous of how skillled you were. 
Reasonable doubt comes to play here. We can use reasonable doubt to get out of a trial without looking like a bad person. But in life,there is a different approach. If you doubt that you're unhappy with your partner and decide to leave them, then you look like a terrible person in the society.
Why do we doubt ourselves? Or, most importantly, why do we doubt the relationships that we have or the paths we choose? 

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