Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Pictures.

2014 was a great year for my Instagram. Ever since getting my iPhone, I've been taking awesome pictures on the daily. Here's some pictures through out the year that made this year wonderful and awesome.
January: Gabriel and I hung out pretty regularly since they were home for the first part of the month. I also started my second half of my sophomore year in college, which started out with a bang because I went out to dinner to celebrate my good friend Paige's birthday!
Gabriel and I! 
Gabriel making pancakes.
Paige and I! 
February: I hung out with Verenized and we had a mini photoshoot at a nearby park!
Verenized and I. 
Pretty landscape.
 March: Spring break! Demi Lovato! Basketball games with Elisia!
Both of those things happened this month, making March an extremely exciting month! I also hung out with Griffin, who has a really cool phone thing.
Griffin on the phone.
Game selfies! 
Gabriel and I hanging out.

April: Easter time! Maggie had her annual Easter Egg hunt. I also discovered the joys of ceramics!
Little dog and love.
Maggie looking for dog biscuits.

May: School's out for summer! Celebrating the start of the summer with Gabriel's homecoming, a fro yo with Heidi and Marissa, and ice cream with Elisia!
Getting pizza selfie.
Fro yo!

June: Beach days! Graduations! Griffin graduated high school this month, and I spent countless days at the beach with friends.
Beach Day selfie!
Griffin, the graduate! 
July: 20th birthday! I turned 20 surrounded with my closest friends! We went to the beach and to a diner, two of my favorite things. We had red velvet cake, and Starbucks as well! I also attempted to take my license test, and failed. Gabriel came in to the rescue with cookies and long walks!

The whole gang. 
 August: Celebrating the last few weeks of summer, and getting ready for the goodbyes!
 Gabriel and I on swings. 
Elisia and I at the beach.

September: Fall fest with Elisia! The start of junior year was an amazing one!
Elisia and I.
October:  Cellutis had me down for about two weeks, which left me unable to do pretty much anything. However, there were lots of cupcakes to make up for it.

November: November was full of pumpkin pie, fall foliage, and crafts!
Fall foliage. 

December: Gabriel comes home! Christmas! December was a great way to close off the year.
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Christmas tree. 
Gabriel and I reunited.

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