Monday, January 26, 2015

Cars I Wish I Could Drive.

Currently, I am the proud owner of a Honda Civic named Rosie. However, if I weren't gifted this lovely car, I would had to go out and buy one. Since I like to think a lot about things, I decided to play the 'what if' game to what cars I wanted to drive. (Don't worry Rosie, I plan on keeping you forever.)

  • Jeep Wrangler-Lorelei Gilmore made me want one, but honestly if I were to get an SUV, this would be the one that I would get. I really like it that it's small and if I were to want to drive in the snow I could. (The one downfall of Rosie is that she's not made for New England weather.)
2014 white rubicon 4 door lifted custom bumper | New 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport
  • VW Beetle-This is probably going to be my 'big girl' purchase. I'm obsessed with this car, because they are so darn cute. They are small, perfect for backing in. I've always wanted one ever since I've watched Herbie Fully Loaded, and I'm afraid that I still do.
  • PT Cruiser-Even though these are no longer in make, these are pretty cute. PT Cruiser / I am in love with my PT Cruiser. Customizing one and want another please!
  • Cadilac SRX Luxury Crossover-My grandfather's most prized procession was a 1970 Cadillac (I used it to go to prom in.) In honor of him, I would like to own one. Specifically this one. 
All images have been taken from my Pinterest Board-Behind the blog.


  1. I have so many dream cars as well. It includes Honda City 2014 and a Toyata Land Cruiser. SWOOOOOON!!!!

    Noor's Place

    1. Those are awesome! I thought it was weird that I had a list of dream cars..but it seemed like a good idea to post about lol.