Friday, January 16, 2015

I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret.

Everyone out there has those secret little talents. Like who knew that you're a boss at folding laundry, or have terrible aim when it comes to playing basketball? Well, here's some of my 'dirty little secrets.' Or clean, if you want to look at it that way.

  • I only know how to back in when I park. I learned how to pull in once, however, I didn't really like it. That, and the driving school I went to focused on backing in, not pulling in. Since I find it easy, I'll probably backing in pretty much everywhere I go. 
  • I read magazines back to front, not front to back. It's something that I have no idea why I do, however, if I do it the other way, I'll feel like I'm doing it wrong. That's part of the reason why I hate e-readers. 
  • I am exceptionally good at word searches. I can honestly do one in twenty minutes flat. 
  • I only drink flavored coffee. (Hello, pumpkin spice!) 
  • I absolutely hate the radio. It ruins songs, and I like to have complete control of my audio experience. This can be a problem when I'm driving. 
  • I collect CDs. I have about 200, and I personally believe that they are pieces of artwork. 
What are your dirty little secrets?


  1. I'm so impressed that you can back into a parking space! This is something I simply cannot do! Also, I miss buying CD's! That was the best part of the weekend, going to a music store, scouring the shelves, finding just the right one, then playing it at full volume, oh man... I haven't bought a CD since college! I think I'm going to buy one this weekend!

  2. Nice! What CD would you buy? And thank you :D I need to practice with my car now haha.