Monday, January 5, 2015

2015-The Bucket List.

So it's been 2015 for about five days now and I've been a bad blogger by not posting a list of resolutions that I may or may not follow. #oops. I fail as a blogger, but oh well. Better late than never right? Here's my list of what I hope to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Make it on Dean's List at least once. I finally got close enough this past semester, but I really want to get that oh so important 3.5 so I can at least put on my resume that I have been on Dean's List at least once in my college career. (Plus, it's a cool thing to say that you have been on Dean's List.) I did manage to bring up my GPA, which is always a good thing, so I am proud of that. 
  2. Try to make more time to actually socialize. This past fall, it seemed that I was either at work, doing homework, writing articles, and of course in class. Plus, the fact that I got very sick in the middle of the semester didn't actually help with things. I know that is normally the way that things go when you're in college, but since my college years are coming to a close, I want to make sure that I'm not always found stressing out but rather enjoying the fact that I'm not a full-time adult just yet. 
  3. Register my car, and finally drive. I hope to accomplish this in January, because honestly, I can't take another semester of asking for rides. 
  4. Visit friends! I hope to visit Griffin (and possibly Gabriel) at their colleges this upcoming year. I really want to travel a lot and see things. Plus visiting friends is always a fun time. 
  5. Figure out what I'm doing once I graduate. I'm going to be a senior in college this upcoming fall. I honestly can't tell you what I'm doing next. I'm not a thousand percent sure if I want to go to graduate school, because I feel like I would be going due to parental and societal pressure. I also don't know if want to go or take a break. I'm planning on figuring it out over the summer, in which I'll be visiting the schools on my lists. I want to make the best choice for me, but at the moment I don't think I'll be attending graduate school fall 2016. And to be a journalist, that is completely okay. 
  6. Not live in the past so much. In 2013, I've based relationships and emotions based on past experiences. Yes, I've lived through some pretty sucky things. However, there is no need to dwell on it. I want to not let people from my past determine my future, because let's face it it sucks. 
  7. Save money. I shop way too much and this needs to stop. I actually don't want to live up to the broke college student stereotype, and the only way to do it is to stay away from the mall and Amazon.
Happy 2015 everyone!