Monday, January 19, 2015

But Above All This, I Wish You Luck.

There are many stages of a romantic relationship. There's that happy stage where you're getting on every person that you know's nerves, because you're 'so into each other.' This is otherwise known as the honeymoon period. Then there's the period of adjustment, which follows this because you're learning how to live with this person. This is often the time when you decide whether or not you like that person as much as you said that you did, and enough to actually work on the faults that you have neglected to see. Then, there's the downwards spiral where you begin to hate each other and things become really terrible to live in. Then there's the wrecking ball stage, where the deed is done, and you're crying your heart out with your homeboys Ben and Jerry.
The funny thing about that stage? It eventually fades away. Your breakup haircuts will grow out, and you'll slowly begin to not feel like a knife has went through your heart. This is around the time when whatever your partner did becomes old news, and then you move on step by step day by day. That's the time when you finally realize that there are bad sides to good people. Someone who you thought was the Prince turned out to be the dragon that you slayed.
Then you could do two things-be extremely bitter or decide that you're over it. In my opinion the best way to be over someone is to be able to wish them joy when they caused you pain. This my friends, is taking the high road. Being able to congratulate someone on their accomplishments sincerely instead of plotting their demise is something that I think that you should reach because you yourself know that your ex is not a bad person. Sure, they must have did a shitty thing. But that's okay.
I finally can say honestly that I wish every one of my ex boyfriends or kind of boyfriends the best of luck in life. I hope that they find or have found some sort of happiness in whatever they do. If I saw them in a hallway, I wouldn't run but would rather stop and say hello to them.
As Whitney sings 'I hope life treats you kind, and I hope that you have all that you dreamed of.' I believe that is both the saddest and most true love song in my opinion. The best thing to do, and sometimes the hardest depending on the situation, is to wish them nothing but the best. 

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