Friday, April 3, 2015

How Do You Define A Relationship?

DTR is one of those things that confuse many of us. However, it's important because otherwise it's like you are wandering around like a helpless little chicken with no hope into what's going to happen to you or most importantly where you're going. It's something that perhaps no one wants to do like pulling off a band aid or plucking their eyebrows but once it's done you feel better about yourself.
The question is-how do you measure or define a relationship? Feelings are really confusing. There is no science that is behind how you feel about someone. Although sometimes, I wish that there was so I didn't have to wander around confused about what I was feeling. Everyone's defination of a relationship is different.
I remember when I was casually dating someone last year. We were hanging out, but everything was unclear about how he felt about me, and eventually it came down to how he felt about a friend of mine. Honestly, that wasn't ok. 
But the real reason to have the conversation of  'define the relationship' is to get one thing-clarity. This whole ordeal can be awkward, especially since you don't know what the other person is going to say. However, it's needed because if you avoid it too long it could lead to a broken heart.
So, here's some advice for the wallflower girls out there who are too scared to make the move. It doesn't matter if you're the girl doing it. It's something that is necesary and needed to have an honest conversation with someone about what they are feeling. Be cool, and just remember that the odds may either in your favor or not.
You all will thank me or think that I am crazy. One of the two.

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