Monday, April 20, 2015

Music Monday: Strange Desire

Well, look whose back with a vengeance! None other than one of my favorite features-Music Monday. For the first Music Monday since God knows when, I am featuring the awesome Bleachers. Bleachers, which is an one man band featuring Jack Antonoff of the band Fun.
Strange Desire was released last summer, and I've recently bought the album thanks to the iTunes alternative sale. Seriously, bought so many albums on impulse and I don't even care.
The album is a mixture of alternative and reminded me of the 80s. If you like Taylor Swift's '1989,' then you will like this album.
'Strange Desire' has the hit single, 'I Wanna Get Better.' 'I Wanna Get Better' is a catchy song which talks about one's desire to do just that-get better at whatever. It also features the single 'Rollercoaster', which is one of my jams. Another favorite of mine is 'Wild Heart,' which is the first track of the album. 'Shadow', 'Wake Me' and 'Like a River Runs' are also some of my favorites.
Overall, if you're looking for some new, awesome and fresh music than you're in luck-'Strange Desire' has got your back.
Songs I am Obsessed With: 'Wild Heart,' Rollercoaster,' 'I Wanna Get Better,' 'Shadow' and 'Reckless Love.' 

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