Monday, April 27, 2015

Music Monday: Why I Still Listen to iPods

In middle school, if you had an iPod nano you were considered to rule the school. The iPod, back then a rectangle with a small screen, only held about a thousand songs and didn't play any video. Nine years later, many of those people are now loading their iTunes library onto their cell phones, some of them golden iPhones while others are played on iPhone 5cs, similar to the color of their iPod nanos.
I'm probably one of the few people in the world that still buys music off of the iTunes store, and syncs it to my old iPod touch or iPod shuffle as see here. Part of it is because I like that it's smaller and that it doesn't take up my space on my old iPhone four. (I'm eventually getting an upgrade soon, thank gosh)  However, even if I do eventually get an upgrade (starting to save that cash), I know that I won't be putting music on my phone. 
The big reason is because I enjoy having separate things. In my iTunes library, I have over two thousand songs. Even though I have a playlist for my touch that syncs about a fourth of what I actually own, I would rather use my phone for things such as apps and music. My music probably take up almost all of my phone's space, which is something that I didn't want to do. Plus, with the amount of times I listen to music a day, my phone would constantly be needing to be charged almost double the times it does currently. 
I also enjoy that I can clip my iPod shuffle to my clothes, which is perfect for working out. Even though I can only fit a few songs, I enjoy that I can having something that isn't heavy for when I'm running. I have a mix of songs that are meant to pump you up. If you are working out, I think that you should at least invest in a shuffle. They make life so much easier. Plus, when you're driving, you don't have to mess with a screen, you can simple press the buttons. (the same goes for my touch, too.)
I think that I'll always have an iPod, because of these reasons. Although it's cool to listen to music on my phone, I think I'll always want to listen to my music through the house of my iPod. 

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