Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ceramic's Night

                                             Verenized, Theresa and Elisia painting

Friends and I painting.
Finally, I spent a Friday night away from the Netflix and with actual people instead of my dog. (No offense, Maggie!) And, it was with none other than my awesome friends, Elisia, Verenized and Theresa.
                                                               bowl and cupcake.
We decided to go to the Clay Date, which is were you basically go and paint things. I painted a jewelry dish, and had some time so I painted a cupcake. Theresa painted a ballet slipper, Verenized did an elephant (I might do it next time), and Elisia did a beautiful bowl!
Secret and not so secret photos of people painting!
After ceramics, we went to Blue State Coffee, and then did a mini-photo shoot at my house. Hanging out with them was honestly well needed because lately all I've been doing is school and work related. Its important to have fun and see your friends! I hope to see my girls more frequently!
Elisia and I! 
Theresa, Me, Verenized
Elisia and I!

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