Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Currently, my life is a mix of writing a lot of final papers and getting ready to finally enjoy the summer. (It's going to be weird not having a bunch of things going on, but that I can get used to.) I also plan to spend the summer interning at the College Fashionista website, which is something that I am so excited to announce with you all! I start May 18th, and I'm so excited to have this opportunity. I've never written for a blog before (other than my own) so this experience will be so great. (Plus it's something that I can learn a lot from!)
So here's what's up with me lately:
I'm currently listening to: Forever by Drake, Sechnsuct by Rammstein, and Style by Taylor Swift on repeat. 
I'm currently reading "The Lucy Variations." I love Sara Zarr, however I wish I had more time to read it! 
I'm currently obsessed with the color blue. Particially Tiffany Blue. 
I'm also currently obsessed with LC Lauren Conrad. I recently bought some costume jewelry pieces as well as some from her Cinderella collection! (Maybe I'll do a fashion post about her upcoming Minnie Mouse collection; what do you think?) 
I'm currently obsessed with iced coffee. I used to hate it, and now I can't get enough! (Especially the cookie dough kind)
What are you up to currently? 

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