Friday, April 17, 2015

New Camera and Review of the Canon ELPH Powershot 160

For about two years, I have needed a digital camera. As my old Kodak camera breathed it's last breath, I have been procrastinating buying a new one for as long as I could possibly can. As a blogger, you must be thinking why hasn't she purchased one? Thanks to the arrival of my iPhone four, with a decent camera, I thought that I would be good enough.
However, when I got my internship at College Fashionista, I knew that my iPhone wouldn't be able to serve me well. Part of the requirements of the internship was that I would get a digital camera. So, I took to QVC, where I came across this lovely beauty, the Canon ELPH Powershot. For five easy payments, I knew that it would be the perfect choice for my internship needs, and an investment for life in general.
So far, I love the camera. I love how small and compact that it is. Since it's been a while since I've last used one, my camera skills were a bit rusty. Getting this out of the box, it was easy to use. I thought that it was perfect for all of those like me who weren't savvy. I liked how clear and pretty the pictures came out, and I thought that it was a great value..
If you're looking for a digital camera, and you're not into the fancy DSLR life, this camera is perfect for you. I guarantee that you'll want to bring your camera everywhere, and take lots of pictures. 


  1. beautiful camera, I use a digital sony for all my pictures and so far it has been usefuul. Thank you for sharing

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