Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Online Dating?

Online dating. Oh yeah, a jungle for those who are creepy and looking to find someone, anyone, to prey on. It's also an oasis for those who are shy, and meeting people is sometimes intimidating. 
It  took me about 5 years to realize that life isn't an episode of Sex and the City. Nor is it a romantic comedy, where the love of your life is discovered while ordering Starbucks. Sometimes, online dating is the new and realistic way to find someone that you really want to be with. But, then you'll always wonder if someone will ever be who they say that they are. 
Online dating has the connotation of having creepy people around, and the only people who are on are completely desperate. Who else judges someone when they say 'I'm talking to a guy online.' Of course, nowadays it's more common to connect to make connections. It seems like more and more singles are going to Tinder or OK Cupid nowadays because the statistics of finding someone is dismal. Also, there's the whole worrying about if you'll die alone thing. 
I have a friend that constantly goes on dates with people met via Tinder. I also have a friend who met her current boyfriend through Facebook. These stories are the good ones. The Internet can sometimes work in our favor-no?
At the same time, there's those stories when people on the Internet who are just in it for one thing-you all know what it is. The concept of online dating makes it so much easier for them to get their fix, which is kind of scary. 
While doing the Tinder Project last year, I learned one thing. Havng a Tinder is similar to going shopping at TJ Maxx. Sometimes, you'll find something that truly knocks your socks off. Other times however, you'll walk out feeling sorely disappointed. 
So...tell me. What do you think about online dating?


  1. I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish and I could not be happier! But I can see both sides of the online dating debate! When I became single last year I started an okcupid account, met a great guy, and thought I was happy. Turned out he had a gf who was pregnant in Pittsburgh and I was just someone to keep him company while he was working in Philly :-( After that, I had an account with Match and eHarmony because my mom thought that if I used a site that you have to pay for then you get a better crop of men. WRONG! Some of the guys were nice but they thought they were way above me or they were absolutely disgusting! My friend met a nice guy on POF so I figured I'd try it. I met Eric about a month in and literally days before I was planning on shutting it down because I wasn't meeting the kind of guy I was looking for. Ultimately, dating online is awesome because you meet people you would never meet in normal day to day living. But you have to be patient and persistent and don't settle! I'm still a little sheepish about telling people we met online especially since I consider Tinder to be just for hookups and everyone asks if that was the site as soon as we tell them. I always jump at the chance to say NO WAY. My thought is- give it a try, what do you have to loss? Personally, I couldn't be happier with my boyfriend and I think he could be the real "one" and I have to thank online dating for bringing us together!

    1. LOL nice. I agree with you- online dating is a very YOLO kind of thing. Plus, you have to not settle with people you meet in real life too!

  2. I think it's a hit or miss. I did the online dating thing and did not have any luck. I really did try too. I went on dates with more than one guy to see which one is a better match for me. Unfortunately none of them were my match. They were great people but there was a disconnect. I feel like it's definitely worth a shot because it's different for everyone.


    1. I agree. I tried it and didn't like it. But everyone's experience is different.