Monday, March 30, 2015

When Did Prom Posals Become a Thing?

                                               My prom date and I circa 2012
Back  in 2012, I remember the excitement of prom. I remember being so happy that I was going with my best guy friend who I had a crush on. I remember my friends were all fighting with each other, because of some reason that I can't remember now. I remember how beautiful I felt as I put on my pretty purple dress (see above.) I remember how great of a night it was, and how much hype there was. Oh how I miss high school.
Nowadays, there's a thing called promposals where you get some big elaborate plan to well..ask someone to prom. Kind of like you're proposing marriage but the high school verison of that. My question is when did that become a thing?
Back in my day we just went up to the person and hoped that they said yes. Now you need flowers, teddy bears, and who knows what else?
Griffin (aka the lovely dude in the picture) I'm going to have to ask for a refund. (actually, I am kidding-my prom was awesome because of you.) I remember being asked to my prom. It was over a breadbowl at Panera, and he asked if he'd be interested if I needed a date. (not the exact words, since I can't remember them)
In my opinion prom posals are similar to Valentine's Day-cheesy and if you don't get one of your own, very upsetting and excluding. I understand the need for a grand gesture to woo someone to get them to say yes. But, the thing is flowers, stuffed animals and other romantic things won't get someone to love you. Yes, they will be impressed. (I know that I would be-not going to lie.) However, if they say no it will be humilating.
Prom is one of those important 'right of passages' things in high school. I remember secretly being so excited about it. I remember that night, being the only one of my friends who had a date and of course the excitement of finding the perfect dress.
However, when did it become so cliche? When did it become a contest for a guy to ask a girl to prom in some grand way? Isn't high school a big enough of a popularity contest? Where did it all start in the first place?
It must have been after I had left high school.
As prom season nears, I'll be looking at the dresses of some of my younger friends and feeling old that my own prom was 3 years ago. Will prom posals become a regular thing? Stay tuned.

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