Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Social Media Pet Peeves

Ahh yes, social media. You know the place where it is socially acceptable to talk in hashtags, and annoy pretty much everyone you know because you think that your life is so much better than theirs. Truth tea, it's not.
I have a wierd relationship with social media. My instagram is literally my biggest obsession, and I am constantly tweeting like it's going out of style. However, although I have become so obsessed with social media, I do realize that there are some things that just really annoy me.
Constantly updating your status. It's 2015. There's no need for you to constantly update Facebook and tell your thousands of  'friends' what you're doing, thinking, and stuff. Every now and then, yes. However, if you're just updating your status to tell us what you're eating or drinking, then really you should seek help.
Constantly changing your profile picture. I rarely, if ever change my default image on Facebook. I recently changed it upon returning to LA. Before that, that picture was updated around Christmas time. I know people who constantly update that Facebook default. Like maybe once a week. I mean to each their own, but changing your profile picture every other day can be a problem.
Constantly referencing your significant other in posts. I'm a bitter single so I guess that I am just a bit biased. However, I do think that people should post about their significant other. I mean, they are an important part of your life, so needless to say they are going to be mentioned. But, what about when you post about your bae every other day? Well, that's when you draw the line. At least for me. I honestly don't want to hear about it every other second. When I see someone constantly post about their S.O, I wonder if they have any privacy. If you're my friend then I'll be happy for you. The occasional selfie or post, fine. However, if you are constantly telling me about bae than you really need to read a book.
Mirror selfies. It's not 2011. You have a front camera. Use it.
What are your social media pet peeves?

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