Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Do I Want to be A Journalist?

Lately, it seems that I have been asked one question 24/7. Why do you want to be a journalist? I honestly can never find a good answer, which can kind of be sad considering that these are scholarship essays. But, it did inspire me to think about it, really think about it. Here's the answer.
I've always had a thing for writing. I've always bought notebooks in bulk when they were ten cents during the back to school sales and have whatever thought that I had when I was younger that I now cringe at. I used to pound away at my grandma's teal typewriter that needed tape. I wrote about my stuffed animals doing something, and had an overactive imagination.
When I was in middle school, I decided to stop writing which was one of my biggest mistakes. I thought that it would make me weird, however, I soon realized that I was the one depriving myself.
In my sophomore year in high school, I joined the school paper. I can't remember my first story, however, I do remember the feeling of seeing my name in print. I continued to be a part of my high school paper until graduation.
Entering college, I knew that I wanted to write. Instead I did the logical thing of being a psychology major with the hopes of becoming a social worker. Yes, I was smart. However, I realized that both my passions and my abilities were lacking. At the same time, I had become a staff writer for my college paper (where I would later become the Opinions Editor), and I enjoyed it each and every minute. I also had become more and more involved in the blogging community. I knew that I had to become a journalist. That's where my heart belonged.
As a journalism major, I feel like I am not doing work. I am doing something that is natural to me-writing. I've improved a lot since I've written for the Dial, and I have a lot of improvements to go before I graduate in a year and a half.
So, to answer the question I want to be a journalist because I enjoy writing an article about anything. I enjoy writing about people whose views are different than my own, whether it's a campus minister or the director of the homeless soup kitchen. I may complain about the rigor of how much I write, however I do enjoy it. Isn't that what's all that matters?
I hope that answers the question. Everyday, I fall more and more in love with journalism. I love my classes, and I hope one day that will lead me to find a job. I love learning about how to improve myself, and my craft.
Isn't that the feeling when you've known that you've made it?


  1. I had bad grades in my high school mathematics for some reasons. I had always wanted to be a finance specialist or an accountant. After that, everyone told me to stay away from math and choose some other major. I couldn't do that. I wanted to have math no matter what. So I did it and it's been going well. Passion is a lot more important.
    Noor's Place

    1. I agree! What's your major now? Thank you for the comment!