Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I've Got Something to Say

Hey everyone near and far who may be reading this. I recently came clean to my readers that I've been going through a hard time with everything, such as the pressures of being a full-time student, working two jobs, and balancing the responsibilities of having friends. Needless to say, I sometimes slip up, and it sometimes shows. I'm working on it, because sometimes being me can be overwhelming.
I want you all to know that because I'm going through stuff doesn't mean that I'm more or less of a person. I'm working through it, and trying to take my life over in the best way possible. Just because I decided to share my struggles on my personal blog, doesn't mean that I'm asking for attention. I'm trying to make sure that I, the person that is most being affected by this, am doing the best that I can to try to get on the right track.
Just because I'm having a hard time and talking about it doesn't mean that I want sympathy. It doesn't mean that I want someone to make less challenging for me. Just because I'm not taking five classes and taking the path that many of my friends are doesn't make me more or less of a person than the rest of you. I'm doing things my way. It makes me mad when people tell me that I'm not doing the right thing, when in reality I know that I am.
By talking about my experiences I want to show one thing-that I'm not afraid or ashamed by them. The one thing that I learned, among others, is that we are afraid of failure. I am not proud of my shortcomings, but I am not going to hide behind them anymore. Life is too short for that, and I want to spend most of it, well enjoying it.
And in case you all were wondering, I have been doing better. I am a lot happier than I have been since I don't remember when. I'm looking foreword to having a summer vacation to decide if I'm going to grad school, and more importantly where. I am looking foreword to spending it enjoying life, instead of planning it. For the first time, I am less anxious about my grades, because I know the best that I can well the best that I can do. I may not be graduating with my class, I may not be taking the same amount of classes, and I may not be doing things that others may or may not agree with. But, I am doing what makes me happy.
Sometimes, others forget that's all that matters, because they themselves aren't happy or willing to take the steps needed to create happiness. I think that's where critics begin to form-out of shear jealousy.
So, to whoever is reading this, I hope that you're still with me. I hope that you now have listened, and am in some ways is inspired. This is what I have to say about this-now I'll sip my honest tea.
Thank you, and good night.

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