Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Review: Nice Is Just A Place In France

As you all can recall earlier, I recently did a post about my summer reading list. One of the first books I've recently read was the book "Nice Is Just a Place in France" by the Betches.
I wanted to read this book because I had heard so much hype on it from various bloggers and other people who picked up this book. After doing some careful research (aka just reading the comments), it looked good so I decided to pick it up.
I thought the book was really entertaining and well written. I liked how this was a guidebook, but not really a guidebook. It was an easy read, and I honestly enjoyed reading it. It really struck a cord with me because I think I'm too much of a 'nice girl' and I really need to develop a back bone.
I recommend this book for just about anyone out there whose looking for a good book to read this summer. It's a must have because not only is it humorous, but it also does talk about a lot of pop culture. It was a fast and easy read, perfect for those who are putting the harder reads of the semester fast behind them.
So, are you interested in this book? Pick it up at Barnes and Noble today! 

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