Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teenage Milestone: Driving By Myself

Recently, I finally had gotten my car back. For those who don't know, I received a 2001 Honda Civic as my first  car. However, upon registering I learned that my car was a train wreck and would be requiring a lot of repairs. So, for three months it sat in my grandmother's yard. I would start it to make sure it was running okay, but I never drove it. Finally towards the end of the semester, my mom surprised me with getting my car fixed. #finally #thanksmom
About a month later, my car finally came home. And it was worth the wait. At first, my mom was hesitant since I haven't really been driving since getting my license in September. So after a few times, I finally got to do the unthinkable. Drive by myself.
In all fairness, I drove to work which was about a mile where I live. (I'm lucky, the commute is pretty easy. I like it especially because I work at night and driving at night can be tricky) However, I was still excited about this moment because it not only I've waited for so long for it, I also finally felt independent.
Driving was easy, but really weird. I've pretty much been trying for my license since I turned 18. However, I was caught in the law change in my state. The change was that people over 18 had to go for their permit test, whereas before you were able to drive with a parent or someone older teaching you once you turned 18. Once I got my permit, I had to go back to driving school because my mom was too nervous to teach me how to drive. It took me two tries, but I finally got my license in September, which was a huge relief.
Now that I'm driving, it feels really weird. I feel like I should be calling for a ride, but then soon realize that I can take myself places versus having someone else take me. I can also take myself wherever I want to go. Lastly, I can actually control whatever music I want to listen to, versus whatever my mom or friend would want to listen to.
So, tell me about your first car. Or, about your driving story! 


  1. Congratulations! I've had a license since 4 years and I still am scared to drive by myself! (I drive with my dad beside me) Just yesterday I drove for over 60km on the highway (not a busy one)! I felt really proud of myself! I still am scared to drive in heavy traffic though :P
    -Shaya @

    1. oh wow! that's awesome! I am too so i completely get it.