Thursday, June 11, 2015


This time of year makes me really nostagalic. Usually, it's because of the string of high school events that are going on. (IE prom, graduation) So, I decided to go back in time and give you all couple of throwbacks of some of my favorite high school memories!
Griffin and I, May 2012
(Helena and I, October 2011)
(Griffin and I, June 2012)
(Helena and I, June 2012)
Three Year's Worth of New York Trips!
(Liz, Sarah, and I, May 2009)
 Graduation Party:
(Griffin, Gabriel, and I, June 2012)
Chalk Festival:
(Iris and I, June 2012)
Going through all of these pictures really made me nostalgic. I still can't believe I graduated almost three years ago. What were your favorite memories in high school? Comment below!


  1. awesome pictures! looks like you had an awesome high school experience!
    xx, kenz