Monday, June 8, 2015

Reaction to the Duggar Interviews

Last Wednesday and last Friday night, four members of the Duggar family sat down to be interviewed regarding the molestations of Josh Duggar. The first interview was with Josh's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, while the second one was with Josh's victims Jill and Jessa. While staying tuned to my television set this past Friday night (I unfortunately was working during the one with Jim Bob and Michelle), I have the following to say.
What transpired during the interviews Friday night was a combination of the following. Defending their brother and the way their parents handled the situation. Forgiveness for their brother and how they were able to forgive him. They blamed the media for betraying their trust and making this a front page headline, despite the events in which this took place was over 12 years ago. 
The sisters said they were both asleep and unaware while Josh was doing until their parents told them what happened. According to Jessa Duggar, he was "a little too curious about girls." Jessa did go onto to classify their brother's actions were wrong. Both Jill and Jessa say that they aren't victims, when clearly they are. 
After constantly hearing about this in the news, I question many things. Those girls were Josh's victims. I question the Duggar's ability to parent. If someone was hurting my children, I wouldn't allow him back in my home. The line becomes messy and muddled especially since it was their son that performed these actions. They did get their child help, and take him back into the home. On Wednesday's interview, Michelle did go on to say there are safety guards up as well not letting old boys babysit the younger children.  Jim Bob did go on to say that "it was over the clothes." But, if the touching wasn't wanted or appropriate doesn't it still classify it as wrong? 
I do also question how the girls were be able to be asleep during this. I've read in many places that victims pretend they were asleep when getting molested.  This in my opinion doesn't match up, and I still question the validity of this statement. 
The future of this conservative Christian family is a bit sketchy. Right now, TLC has pulled the show from its' lineup, and it's currently in limbo for cancellation. For me, this is ridiculous because when the Honey Boo Boo scandal happened, the show was history with no questions asked. The same concept should be applied to "19 Kids and Counting" because I believe this is a bit worse than that. Child molestation while talking about Christian values? That's not really Christianlike for me. 
I'll be the first to admit that "19 Kids and Counting" is my guilty pleasure. However, in light of the recent controversy, I'll be the first to admit that this whole situation is 50 shades of screwed up. 


  1. I am in agreement with you. I have a hard time believing their story/defense of their son.

    Hayden // Haute Table

    1. Thank you so much for their comment. I do too; a lot of things really don't make much sense.