Monday, January 4, 2016

Why I Shared My Grades

Recently, I read this article on the Odyssey about why you shouldn't post your final grades on social media sites. And while I agree with the author's points about it adding to the culture of comparing ourselves through others through social media, I'm going to have to disagree with her about why we shouldn't be posting our final grades. Especially since I posted a screen shot of my final grades in the last week.
I usually don't post pictures of my final grades, because I don't think it's something that people should know. However, this semester was the hardest for me, because I was working three different jobs. I also was dealing with anxiety. When I got my midterm grades, I was discouraged, because my grades were nowhere near where I thought they should be. I panicked, because I was worried that I would lose my place on Dean's List. But, with all that I was dealing with, I was going to have to come to terms with the fact that I may lose my spot.
But, somehow, I managed to not. Instead, I got a 3.67, which is 3 As and 1 B. I was astounded, as I was anticipating for much lower GPA. I couldn't have been more proud of myself and for my success. I struggled throughout the entire semester, and somehow the panic attacks and the tears became worth it. So, I decided to share it with my friends and family, because I was proud of myself. I worked pretty damn hard for my grades, so why not share them with the world?
However, the point the author makes in the article is pretty valid. Everyone has their friend's day to day lives in their pocket, there to look at whenever you feel like it's important. Because of this, it's easy to compare ourselves to others. It's easy to feel jealous, and not feel like we're good enough. Why aren't we on Dean's List like them? Why can't I have a boyfriend, like that person does? Social media adds fuel to the fire of our insecurities and causes us to feel negative about things.
So here's what I say about posting your grades. To those who posted them on social media, because they are proud of them, good for you. You worked hard for those grades. And for those who didn't make Dean's List, you still worked really hard. This is only my second semester on it, and I understand how it feels to be close or to work really hard without the reward. You still worked hard, and no matter what is posted on social media.
Either way, it's your decision to post what you want to post on social media platforms. You're friends with someone on Facebook for a reason--they should be rooting for you instead of dragging you down. Therefore, post your final grades if you're proud of them. I'm sure you worked pretty damn hard for them. 


  1. There's no problem to post grades or any progress. Good for you, congrats!

    - Harlynn