Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: The Rosie Project

One week into the semester, and I already can say that I can cross one book off of my semester reading list. This book is called "The Rosie Project."
"The Rosie Project" is about Professor Don Tillman, a genetics professor who is smart intellectually, but not with personal relationships. Don is exact with everything, from how he spends his week to week schedule, to what he eats on a specific night. But, Don lacks a wife. So, enter the Wife Project, where he figures is the perfect solution for his predicament. That way, he can rule out the vegetarians, the smokers, and the people that just weird him out.
Enter Rosie.
Rosie is the exact opposite of what Don thinks he wants. However, she's on the search for not a mate, but for her father. Don is instantly drawn to her, and agrees to participate in her search to find her father.
Throughout the search for Rosie's biological father, Don begins to fall in love with Rosie. He abandons his routines, and at long last, finds his partner.
I enjoyed the book immensely. I had heard a number of good things about this book through co-workers and friends, and I am always on the lookout for a good chick-flick novel. This book definitely does the trick. I loved seeing Rosie and Don begin to fall in love with each other, and I especially loved how Don was willing to change his day to day life just to win the girl. Don reminded me a lot of Sheldon Cooper, with his routine, however, he just wants to fall in love.
If you're a fan of "Me Before You," or any other chick lit, you must read this book. However, this book is also a great read for anyone, as I recommend it for anyone whose out there looking for a great book. I definitely will want to read the second book, "The Rosie Effect," soon. But, before I do, I will be reading "It's Kind of A Funny Story" by Ned Vizzini. (It was not on the list, but I saw it at work, and wanted to read it.) 

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