Friday, April 27, 2012


Today was our school's day of silence, which supports rights of gays, transgenders, yeah you get the picture. I orginally did not plan to do so, but thanks to a friend, he got me thinking about the rights of gays. And then, I got thinking about my best friend. Or one of them. He is seriously the nicest kid on the planet. He's ALWAYS a text message away, and he's always making me laugh. I thought about my ego, and I decided to do it, not only for him, but for the people that don't have the luxury of having a support system. Think about that.
 Throughout the day, I heard that several friends were being treated horribly, by either being pushed in lockers, or being made fun of. Seriously. Not cool bro.
If you are alone, and are reading this, please note that people love you, and support you, and are there for you. You are not alone in this world. People DO care about you, and want to help make your life easier to live. Some people, like the ones that I have mentioned above can be complete assholes, but that's the way society is.
In my modern lit class, we talk about acceptance, and I wrote a paper about the term "That's So Gay" (I'll post a link to the blog entry on Notations on the bottom of this entry. Homophobia is seriously one of the stupidest things that I've ever heard of. People need to learn that you are born gay or straight, and that you have no right to make it seem otherwise. And also, you can not catch being gay either..just so you know. However, homophobia can be caught...just saying.
Now back to my experiences. Staying slient, at the beginning was kinda hard, but I thought it was worth it. Thank you to that friend of mine for teaching me to fight for a good cause. I thought that it was amazing how SO many students could band together and be silent for one school day, and support so many people. To all of the people who participated it with me, awesome. To the people who supported us, thank you. To the people who didn't, fuck you, it's your loss.

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