Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lately I've been getting my act together. Meaning, I've been attacking life with a different attidude. And to be honest, I'm happier. I know I can conquer anything that is thrown my way. I know that I can handle anything. I know that I'm not a failure at life, but a human who does make her mistakes, and who is lucky enough to have awesome friends to forgive her, and support her no matter what. I hope they know that they are awesome, and they really get you thinking.
Drama is something that in high school is unavoidable. He said she said. Relationships are insecure, it's all one big drama. I feel like in high school, we don't understand how complex relationships can be. Yes, we all want the holding of the hands, the feeling of being wanted. I also know that with things such as raging hormones, and other things that teenagers face, you tend to get a little nuts. To all of my friends with drama in their lives, I give you one piece of advice. Breathe. Everything is not as bad as it seems. And you can get through this, and count on me to help you with anything.
I basically want commmunication, instead of fights.
I want to trust instead of yell.
I want to be Natalie, instead of someone else.
Is that too much to ask?

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