Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We often worry about the things that we don't have versus the things that we do have. In high school, especially. Someone is wearing the jeans that we want, or we don't get the quarterback to ask us to prom. We focus on those, instead of the things that we DO have.
I find that fault in myself especially. I often am not grateful about the things that I do have, mainly because I take them for granted. So here's a list of the things that I am grateful for on this particular morning:
  • My family. Like seriously. I have family who will do anything for me. My mother has done everything that you can possibly think of for me, taking on the role as both mother and father. My grandparents were the two most amazing people who like ran for me, bought me cookies when I was sick, amoungst other things. I really don't have time to go into detail, because I would be typing forever. 
  • Food, shelter, and health. Let's face it. Some people don't have homes, some people don't know when their next meal is, and others have to be in the hospital for months at a time. It's sad, yes, but it's the truth.
  • Friends. I have amazing friends, who I love dearly. I take them for granted every day, and I don't mean to, but they are a HUGE part of my life.
  • My dog. Yes, I realize that this one is kinda silly, but pets are a cute addition to our family.  
  • My education. Let's face it. Some people don't even get the opportunity to go to school, never the less college. A hundred years ago,  I could find myself working at a factory or something. People in other countries don't even get the opportunity to learn how to read and write. Think about it. 
Those are the things that I find to be the most grateful for. What are you taking for granted? Chew on it.

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