Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In life, we are dealt the same hand. However, our paths are paved by destiny, and there's nothing we can do about it, other than grin and bear it.
Bad things happen to everyone. Let's face it. Everything can't be all hunky dory. There is sometimes when we have to be faced with challenges. This is when we look fear in the face, this is when we rise to the challenge. Or we can sink to the bottom and not even give it try, because it looks too hard, or it's higher than your normal reach.
Let's exceed limits.
Let's make others wish they were us.
Let's become stronger, not weaker.
Let's look at life in a new way.
Let's defy gravity.
Our outlook changes everything. How we look at things, could change our outcomes. Maybe. So, let's try to oushine the darkness. Let's try to make things a billion times better, by just, being happy. Being happy is simple. Just do something for you. A guilty pleasure. Who honestly gives a damn, along as you're a happy clam.

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